Sunday Green Market First Sunday every month Locally-grown, pesticide-free vegetables!
Naturally leavened bread! Macrobiotic cookies and cakes! etc
Rummage Sale Fifteenth every month
Cloth,goods,Hand made bread,sweet.etc

サンデーグリーンマーケット 毎月第1日曜日開催
フリーマーケット 毎月15日開催地


Live music, Movies,Workshops,Class
We will be hosting live semi acoustic music, readings, workshops and classes.If you have an idea of an event you want realized, give us a proposal we will help you make it happen.

時にゆったり、時に感慨深い、人が集う楽しいひとときを。 すてきなアイデアを随時受付中。

Art Show

Art show in the gallery in Kyomachiya
Showing art from local and international artist.
A space that is comfortable with multiple white surfaces and warm natural wool floor and ceiling.



About Us

AKATELETECOBE SOVESAHVAの名で親しまれた空間を引き継ぐこととなりました。新しくPlace D n Aと名付け、月一回のグリーンマーケットやフリーマーケットなど今までを継承しつつ、更に地域に親しまれる場所となるよう、展開していきたいと思っています。





We are new in Deimach Kyoto and have moved into AKATELETECOBE SOVESAHVA.
The space is known to many of folks for it's monthly big rummage sales Yoga classes, Green Market and occational art show.
The new name is Space D and A, we will offer to the community quality events and a needed facility.
We know that communities best exists when young and old work together.
With our differences we will learn with our similarities we will get along.
We are expanding the scope of the space to include music performance, rehearsal, community meeting place and classes.We plan to reach out to the community and perhaps include the students of Kyoto University in our curriculum, if you are a student or member of the Deimachi community and you have suggestion or ideas please let us know.