「Colors in Tokyo 」

Color ink,Colors from the erth in Tokyo, Glue,Dacron cloth,Wood

H4m × 50cm in diameter each, 2011  

Itabashi Art Museum    Tokyo /Japan 

Four Seasons garden 

Color ink,Chinese ink,Glue,Dacron cloth,Wood

H120cm W135cm D40cm each, 2016

Musashino Art University Museum    Tokyo /Japan

Color in aomori   Mountain Pond

Color ink,Colors from the erth in Aomori,Glue,Dacron cloth,

2M D15cm, 2008

Aomori Contemporary Art Centre   Aomori/ Japan

The Other Side #1 

Color ink,Chinese ink,Glue,Dacron cloth, Wood

W236cm H303cm D24.5cm,  2005 

Gunma Museum of Art,Tatebayashi Tatebayashi/Japan


Color ink,Chainese ink,Glue,Dacron cloth

H182cm W220cm D15cm , 2003

Youkobo Art Space   Tokyo/ Japan  


Color ink ,Glue,Dacron cloth, Wood

H250cm W190cm D70cm ,  2002 

T.L.A.P    Tokyo/ Japan