Concept of my Project - Exhibition and Workshop * With Your Imagination*     

We all are spending a difficult time with this pandemic situation all over the world. Having to stay home and keep socially distance.
Many events where people get together have had to be canceled or postponed. So we look for alternate ways to work together creatively Within the restrictions to be safe, it would be wonderful if we could be more creative and use our imaginative. I believe we can share a fun time. 

To do this we decided to do a instillation projects where we can all contribute via the internet and small safe workshops. We are organizing a community project in very unique gallery space is called "Tanada Peace Gallery" Located in beautiful country side of Kyoto Japan.
"Tanada" means terraced rice fields. The beautiful terraced rice fields in the natural environment represents Japanese culture and daily life. The gallery space is designed like the terraced fields, owned by a sweet couple whose love of art and work towards peace have inspired them to build and offer this gallery space to the community. In this project, we want to recreate " A model of a fantasy preservation area".  We are asking people to make objects that represent natural and man made objects we find and see of our daily life. As well as things we imagine in a fun and whimsical way. These creations will be installed in the gallery to recrate a whole world in miniature. The creations can be drawings, paintings sculptures, of plants, animals, energy efficient cars, planes, trains, small dioramas made with objects you find. We will be having a few in person workshops supplying all the needed material to create.


Asami Yoshiga

How to join

If you would like to join " A model of a fantasy preservation area" virtually,
you can make the drawings or objects. Then photographed or scanned and the information emailed to us.

We will print them on clear plastic and assemble them to create a miniature world in the gallery space. Use your imagination and create a painting of an animal, plant, house or building to place on the wall or space satellite, colorful kite, or strange fantasy bird to hang in the air. A sail boat or swimmers to place on the blue painted river that will run along the floor. Anything is possible.

"Please paint on white paper so we can print it onto the plastic" After we install the creations, the space will be opened to the public.

We print it onto the plastic  and  then install it in the Gallery.  After we install the creations, the space will be opened to the public as the  art exhibition. The Exhibition will be happend in July 2021.

If you have any question or you are ready to send your creation, Please email to me from the botton down below.




Drawings from Participants
 "Teo"/America,  "Pyramid Green House"/Egypt,  "Park Ranger Dr,Dee"/Japan





Installing Images 








Workshop at the Gallery



Painting and Drawing by Asami Yoshiga





Exibition  2021.7.15-31

  • Exhibition and Workshop 
    * With Your Imagination*

    2021.7.15-31 *Wednesday close

    open 13:00〜19:00


    TANADA Peace Gallery  

     33 Miyazumiyanoshita, Kyotanabe, Kyoto 610-0314



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